Auslöser Magazine
Auslöser Magazine

Auslöser is a bilingual (German & English) indie print magazine that focuses on the human stories behind the camera.

Issue 5 - March 2022

Interview with Barbara Probst, Florian Rainer, Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet, Paul D’Haese. Behind the scenes: Imagno. In detail: The photobook.

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Issue 4 - March 2021

Interview with Hanna Mattes, Arnold Odermatt, Fatemeh Behboudi, Myoung Ho Lee. Behind the scenes: Allan Porter's "camera". In detail: Kodachrome.

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Issue 3 - March 2020

Interview with Paul Albert Leitner, Nadia Morozewicz, Daniel Chatard, Katrin Koenning. Behind the scenes: Vienna Secession. In detail: Apple QuickTake.

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Issue 2 - September 2019

Interview with James Barnor, Pixy Liao, Alex Dietrich, Leah Edelman-Brier. Behind the scenes: Breitenseer Lichtspiele cinema. In detail: Neubronner's carrier pigeon camera.

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Issue 1 - March 2019

Interview with Friedl Kubelka, Brian Finke, Yanina Boldyreva, Wolfgang Zurborn. Behind the scenes: STEIDL. In detail: Susse Frères Daguerréotype.

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"A new, high quality printed photo magazine in the age of smartphones and Instagram."

- Novum - world of graphic design

"Thumbing through the pages, you feel like you're wandering through an exhibition, while listening to the conversations excitedly."

- derStandard

"Produced on a high level without being geared towards experts only. For anyone who enjoys looking at pictures."

- Monopol Magazin

"Highly recommended. A future classic!"

- Michael Kollmann

"Auslöser is an intimate conversation with photo makers, sharing secrets that go way beyond technique."

- Indie Mags

"The concept is dangerously simple, but it's been realised so well that it works wonderfully."

- Kwerfeldein

"A magazine always stands and falls with its editorial team and the curated contents. Auslöser appears to be on the right track. Worthy of support!"

- Stilpirat

"... allows you to meet the photographers and their work on a personal level."

- Beruf Fotograf

"A new photo magazine with a lot of depth"

- Druckwunder