Auslöser Magazine
Auslöser Magazine

Auslöser is a biannual indie photo magazine focusing on the human stories behind the camera. Issue one is available since March 2019 shipping worldwide.

An homage to photography

In times when everything lives online and has to be faster and faster, we go back to the basics and feature long-form in-depth interviews, reports and photo stories exclusively in printed form.

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Good design and good photography as an interplay

Content first. And to present this content in the best way, we have created a minimalist, strong and exciting visual language with the attention to detail a photography publication deserves. And then even ads are lovely to read.

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"A new, high quality printed photo magazine in the age of smartphones and Instagram."

- Novum - world of graphic design

"Thumbing through the pages, you feel like you're wandering through an exhibition, while listening to the conversations excitedly."

- derStandard

"Produced on a high level without being geared towards experts only. For anyone who enjoys looking at pictures."

- Monopol Magazin

"Highly recommended. A future classic!"

- Michael Kollmann

"Auslöser is an intimate conversation with photo makers, sharing secrets that go way beyond technique."

- Indie Mags

Issue 1 - March 2019

In the first issue Auslöser features four long-form interviews with Friedl Kubelka, Yanina Boldyreva, Wolfgang Zurborn, and Brian Finke. It presents a behind the scenes reportage of the famous STEIDL photobook publishing and print house in Germany and portrays one very special camera from the WestLicht camera museum.

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"The concept is dangerously simple, but it's been realised so well that it works wonderfully."

- Kwerfeldein

"A new photo magazine with a lot of depth"

- Druckwunder

"... allows you to meet the photographers and their work on a personal level"

- Beruf Fotograf

"A magazine always stands and falls with its editorial team and the curated contents. Auslöser appears to be on the right track. Worthy of support!"

- Stilpirat