Auslöser Issue 4



  • Interview with Hanna Mattes, Arnold Odermatt, Fatemeh Behboudi, Myoung Ho Lee
  • Behind the scenes: Allan Porter’s “camera”
  • In detail: Kodachrome


Currently, the contrast between abundance and reduction seems particularly palpable. Our society still finds itself in a fast pace, superficiality and an information overload, prompting a yearning for minimalist, unagitated things. It is precisely in this longing that this magazine finds itself. We continue to care deeply for conscious choices, thoughtful graphic concepts and human, tactile perspectives on photography.

In this issue we’re featuring four international, very different, exciting photographers. In a reduced, unobtrusive and decelerating way, we’re going to present their stories and make them tangible. Hanna Mattes will be talking about stagings, supernatural phenomena and her painting on negatives. Arnold Odermatt’s (now 95 years old) accident photos have been detached from the police context by his son and are now being exhibited internationally. With Fatemeh Behboudi and her war photography, we’ll be talking about political problems in Iran and the cultural differences between the Middle East and Europe. South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee shows us his special perspective on nature and his attitude towards art.

In detail, we’ll be presenting the famous Kodachrome slide film that hasn’t ceased to shape colour photography. Behind the scenes, we visited Allan Porter’s camera – one of the most important magazines of the 20th century and an important milestone in the European photo scene – in Switzerland.

Hard to believe. This is Auslöser number four. Two years have passed since our founding, and a lot has happened. What does the cover represent? Something with Mamiya, viewfinder, focusing screen and split-image. I thank everyone for their support and hope you’ll enjoy reading and exploring.

Sebastian Gansrigler


  • 160 pages
  • Bilingual (German & English)
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  • Bound as Swiss brochure with open thread stitching
  • Available since March 2021

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